Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Third Quarter ORB review

Girl Stolen by April Henry. R. R. Donnelly & Sons Company. 2010 Genre: Fiction
April Henry’s Girl Stolen
Third Quarter Outside Reading Book Review

    Cheyenne Wilder, the main character of April Henry’s Girl Stolen is a nice girl that was going to get her antibiotics with her stepmother and stayed in the car laying down with the keys in the ignition. A man named Griffin jumps in the car and steals the car but doesn’t see Cheyenne. This story tells everything Cheyenne does to try to get away from her kidnappers and try to survive. On top of that Cheyenne is blind and has pneumonia which plays crucial parts in the story. Also, she is the daughter of Nikes’ President...   

“[A] can’t-put-it-down crime thriller… constantly interesting and suspenseful.”  - Kirkus Reviews

I’ve never read another of Henry’s books the way she wrote doesn't remind of any other books I’ve ever read. Henry was very good with her dialogue and describing everything. She put a perfect image in my head while i was reading.

“All the while, she kept up a steady stroking with her other hand, tracing the shape of his head. Duke, with his short, flat, fur felt nothing like Phantom, yet it was as if Phantom was with her now” (163)

If I was a little kid I always thought there were things I couldn’t do because they seemed almost impossible or too difficult. In this book her feelings felt the same way and eventually she tried and accomplished a lot even though she was blind.

I give Girl Stolen 4 paws -Pounce on it

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